Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Museum Clan

Our museum's director took another position this Fall, and the staff put together a web-published book for her as a parting gift. I had my department stage this photo in front of our cave exhibit as our contribution to the project. Yours truly on the left. The Education department kindly loaned us the skins.

The guy standing in the middle is our cabinetmaker. His image looks a little off as he had to be photo shopped in afterward. He was insistent on getting a haircut before the shoot (apparently unclear on the concept of "look like cavemen") and didn't make it back in time. The shoot had to happen before the public came at 10 am and he didn't make it back.

All in all we think it turned out OK.


Paul Orselli said...


(Thanks for the blogroll mention of ExhibiTricks!)

spitstickler said...

The best fed cavemen I've seen in an stone's age!

Well done, Dr. Lizardo!!